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You’re Invited to Our Restorative Yoga Event on Nov. 21st

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Our wellness series continues. Join us for a restorative Yoga class focusing on Gratitude that will incorporate yoga, journaling, meditation and our favorite CBD products.

We’ll explore yin and restorative practices to stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system promoting relaxation and calming of the mind. As a bonus we’ll incorporate self-applied Meridian Yoga acupressure techniques to help ease the flow of energy along the pathways connected to our heart chakras to help you rest in the flow of bliss.

Poses will be held for 3-5 minutes each, so wear comfortable clothes. Bring a yoga mat and blanket or towel to support you.

Yoga Teacher: Sara Decruz is an Ipswich resident, middle school educator and yoga instructor. She specializes in slow flow, yin and restorative yoga.

Meridian Yoga teacher: Jodie Cammiss is the manager at Cape Ann Botanicals as well as being certified in Medical Intuitive Therapy, Reiki, and Meridian Yoga Therapy.

Our Registered Nurse: Kurt Kalker will be on hand to answer questions about CBD, THC, and the Endocannabinoid System.

Extras! Receive a gift bag when entering the class with CBD samples from Kind Labs and hot tea with fall recipes to infuse with cannabis from our Clinical Herbalist Samantha Mackey.

Free to Attend

When: November 21st

Time: 4-6pm

Where: 125 High Street, Ipswich (High Street Studios)

RSVP Here: Eventbrite link
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