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Nothing but CBD! We make it easy for you to find what’s right for you. Our sales staff and registered nurse are here to guide you and our store layout to empower you. It’s why we’ve become a popular referral for healthcare leaders on the North Shore.  


Our products are laid out by categories;  Moods, Relief, Sleep, Skin Care, Support, and Pet Care, so it’s easy browse by what interests you. 

Moods: We’re here to address the best options to balance your mood. When your mood suffers we have a selection of products that may help. 


Relief: Ups and downs are part of living whether it’s from new or chronic pain. Relief is different for everyone and our experts will explore your needs and make recommendations that fit your lifestyle. 


Sleep: Sleeplessness is a problem everyone has faced at some point, which is why we’re so focused on promising researching pointing to CBD as a natural remedy. We have a wall of products to help sleep issues based on whether the night thief comes dressed as pain or anxiety. 


Skin Care: Our skincare shelves are stocked with lotions, balms, salves and more. Learn how these products can help with everything from acne and rosacea to bug bites and scars. Understanding how these plants nurture our skin is why they are so effective. 


Support: Comes in all shapes and sizes.


Pet Care: Pets are family and deserve the same options for wellness. They can suffer from familiar traits like anxiety and arthritis. Our selection reflects the best of the best from vendors whose pedigree is flawless because when it comes to family nothing but the best will do.  


We’re here to help. If you can’t come to the store you can still expect the same care with every phone call. We take the time to answer all questions and discuss options. Place your order over the phone. We can ship anywhere in the US.

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