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Customized Usage Instructions

Chart & Stethoscope

CBD can affect each person differently so it’s important to be safe when trying a new product. Our educated staff is trained to answer all your questions related to dosage. Before you leave the store we will prepare detailed Usage Guidelines for you to take home.   


We want to provide the same safety-first approach when you’re buying from our online store. We recommend following these guidelines: 


  • With all supplements and drugs, look for the minimum effective dosage. With this you are getting the maximum benefit from the minimum amount that will relieve your symptoms. You may need to increase or decrease dosage as time goes on.

  • Keep all products in a cool, dry and secure location away and out of reach from children and pets.

  • Please let us know if you have any allergies.

  • Know that there can be side effects from any supplement, herb or drug.

  • Start low and go slow. Log results and side effects.

  • Cape Ann Botanicals advises all patients to use caution and consult your doctor when using hemp products in conjunction with opioids, alcohol or other drugs.

  • Cape Ann Botanicals recommends keeping a log and/or journal of product usage in order to monitor effectiveness of a product over time. Keeping logged details of dosage and effectiveness will help you determine changes for managing your chronic illness and associated symptoms.

  • Make sure that you monitor all your other supplements and or medications that you are taking.

  • Do not change any of your prescribed medication dosages without consulting your prescribing doctor.

If you ever have questions—Call us!  We can review your concerns and your instructions together.

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