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Nursing Services And Expert Guidance

Your choice! Nursing appointments available in-person, on the phone, or on zoom. To make an appointment, please call or email us, or  click here to book your appointment online


People buy CBD for medicinal reasons, which is why we offer consultations with our registered nurse and Patient Care Manager, Kurt Kalker

Sign up for a consultation to discuss your medical needs and history.  Work together developing a personalized plan and ongoing follow up, if requested. Kurt has spent the last year working with our customers on a full range of issues from pet health to Parkinson’s and all the ailments in between. 


Wellness Packages

Q & A With Our Cannabis Nurse - $29*  Book Now

During this introductory (or follow-up) Q&A appointment, learn how to maximize the benefits of using hemp and cannabis as an alternative therapy. This is your chance to ask our cannabis nurse questions you have about CBD. Our nurse can help you:

  • Find a product that will work best for the results you are looking for.

  • Discuss medication interactions and side effects.

  • Provide follow up guidance about a product you are currently taking.


*For a limited time only, if you make a purchase of $50 or more over the phone during your appointment, we will waive the $29 appointment fee.

One-Hour Nursing Consultation - $99*  Book Now

During this one-hour in-depth consultation, our cannabis nurse will help you navigate the complex world of cannabinoids as an alternative therapy and personalize a care plan based on the results you are looking for. This appointment is highly recommended if you have a serious medical condition and are looking for ways that CBD and other cannabinoids might help. This appointment includes:

  • Brief review of your medical history and diagnosis.

  • Introduction to cannabinoid treatments and the endocannabinoid system.

  • Instruction on how to use cannabinoids as medicine, details on the various methods of administration, timing, dosing, cannabinoid ratios, safeguards to take, and how to evaluate effectiveness.  

  • Guidance on how to shop for safe, reliable products and how to become a medical cannabis patient if desired.

  • One 30-day follow up phone call. 


*For a limited time only, if you make a purchase of $50 or more over the phone during your appointment, the fee for this appointment will be reduced to $49.

Available to Present to Your Organization

A requested public speaker, Kurt Kalker has presented the research and breakthroughs behind CBD to a variety of health organizations throughout Massachusetts. If you’re interested in having Kurt discuss how CBD can help your members email

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