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Shop Only Verified CBD Products

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We never compromise. We pride ourselves on only providing products that have been verified by a third party as being safe, made of quality ingredients, and have accurate labels. If you want extra assurances we keep all the paperwork on hand and are always happy to review it with you. 

Not all CBD is created equal. The industry is still in its early stages, which is why we are so vigilant about putting safety first. Our motto is simple, If we wouldn’t give it to a loved one—we won’t sell it.  Once our products have been tested and certified by a reputable third party labs we go one step further. Our own team of medical and scientific professionals guarantees that the hemp we sell doesn’t contain surprise fillers. And we always verify the product labels are accurate and match the lab report.  


Taste, Smell, and Texture Matter. Good things shouldn’t taste bad. Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end with certification. Providing the best options means triple checking that all our topical creams smell good and feel luxurious when applied. The edibles stay edible when eaten or put in teas. CBD tinctures contain carrier oils such as coconut or hempseed and these can impact taste so we offer a variety of options to appeal to different taste buds.

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