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Kurt Kalker is a Pediatric Registered Nurse of twenty-five years with a background in; acute care, medical/surgical, neonatal intensive care, community health clinics, home health, school nursing, and cannabis nursing. His passion for the medical use of cannabis comes from research, advanced educational coursework, and his own experience managing chronic pain from an autoimmune disorder and multiple orthopedic surgeries. 


Kurt provides clear guidelines for use of the new breed of cannabis-based products by educating, guiding, and supporting patients. He believes that integrating cannabis into a treatment plan for discomfort or diseases can be done simply and safely. 


To request a speaker: Call us at 978-356-3493. 

Our mission is education and part of what we do is present at public and private gatherings. Our staff Registered Nurse, Kurt Kalker, is a teacher at heart and will present how CBD and Cannabis as a whole has become a transformative discovery in health and wellness.


As a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association he can answer audience questions with more knowledge that others can.  He specializes in the use of cannabis products, both CBD (non-intoxicating) and THC (intoxicating) for medicinal purposes.


He lays out the good and bad of cannabis products, how best to use them, what kind of products are available to the general public, and how to safely use them to improve your quality of life. Most presentations last one hour and can be customized for your audience. 

Previous Topics Include:

  • CBD 101. A starter guide to what CBD is, where it comes from, and what benefits it might hold for users. 

  • Cannabis as Medicine. Is cannabis real or fake? What are the real world applications that cannabis is used for and what potential might it hold in the future. 

  • Stress management. How best to manage day to day stress with the help of practical usable tips and a little CBD. 

  • Sleep. How to get a better night's sleep. Helpful hints and the proper way to use CBD for sleep. 

  • Pain of Aging. What happens to us as we age and what can we do about managing the associated day-to-day pains that seem to accompany the aging process. 


Previous Engagements: 

  • Ipswich Council on Aging

  • Essex Council on Aging

  • Beverly Council on Aging

  • Newburyport Council on Aging

  • Our Lady of Hope, Ipswich

  • First Church of Hamilton

  • Lahey Health Behavioral Services, Beverly

  • Artful Life Counseling Center and Studio, Beverly 

  • Ipswich Garden Club 

  • Merrimack College, Department of Criminology Drugs & Society Class

To request a speaker: Call us at 978-356-3493. 

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