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Our Educated Team


Spencer Kalker

Founder & CEO


Kurt Kalker

Registered Nurse


Carla Villa

General Manager of Retail


Jess Mallette

Licensed Massage Therapist


Jodie Cammiss

Shop Manager


Cary Friedman


Samantha Mackey

Why do we call our CEO visionary?

He just keeps proving it by being the first… He started his career by building CWD, a multi-million dollar furniture business in Consumer Electronics. And then a new passion intervened.


Why Cannabis and CBD?

Long before Cannabis was an “it” thing to the world it was an emotional journey for him driven by what felt like a lifetime of family loss. Doing ongoing research with his brother Kurt, a Pediatric Nurse regarding plant based medicine over many years, he spent the last six years focused on learning about the power of this deeply misunderstood and vilified plant.


What was on his research path? Listening. He heard people’s stories about how this one amazing plant changed their lives. Not only has it changed his life he hears daily from store customers, as well as neighbors, bank tellers, at the grocery and coffee shops— how well CBD is working for them and others in their lives.


He wanted to get the word out, a way for people in need could be introduced and learn for themselves about CBD in a professional environment. He believes Cape Ann Botanicals fills that need.


His mission is to be the most responsible and supportive purveyor of CBD and Cannabis in the state and built a team of individuals who share his belief in the life changing benefits of Cannabis to help people

Want to know more about Spencer? Click here!


Kurt is a Pediatric Registered nurse of 25 years with a background in multiple specialties, including acute care, medical/surgical, neonatal intensive care, community health clinics, home health, school nursing, and now cannabis nursing. His passion for the medical use of cannabis comes from research, coursework, and his own experience with chronic pain from an autoimmune disorder and multiple orthopedic surgeries. He spent 25 years watching the cannabis market develop and evolve while living in California. He is also a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and the United Patient Group.


Kurt focuses on filling the void of clear guidelines for use of new cannabis-based products on the market by educating, guiding, and supporting patients with product choices, dosages, and timing. He strongly believes that integrating cannabis into a treatment plan for complex diseases takes time, knowledge, and research that very few practitioners have.


Kurt attended Chicago American Conservatory of Music and toured the world as a professional drummer. On weekends you might find Kurt playing locally in New England. He lives right here in Ipswich.


Before joining Cape Ann Botanicals, Carla spent 18 years working in the craft beer industry. She graduated with a BA in Art History at the University of Illinois at Chicago, but went straight into craft beer where she specialized in state and federal compliance, beer education, sales, and community partnerships. She produced events as small as 20 person beer dinners to block parties with up to 3,000 people. Carla believes strongly in building brands through building community.


Carla is excited to take experience and knowledge gained in beer and apply it to the cannabis industry, where the products have a greater opportunity to truly improve people’s lives.


She lives in Ipswich with her husband and daughter and spends her free time gardening and practicing  yoga. She is a member of the Town of Ipswich’s Economic Development Advocacy Group, Ipswich Cultural Council, and Cannabis Society.


After spending many years in various customer service management positions within the corporate world as well as with small businesses, Jess Mallette decided to pursue a career in which she could help people in a more meaningful way.

Jess is a licensed massage therapist and owns Hara Therapeutic Massage and Wellness. She specializes in a variety of massage modalities and techniques for those seeking relief from chronic pain, injuries, and to promote overall wellness. She has experience helping clients manage the following conditions and more!


  • Neck pain

  • Low back pain

  • Rotator cuff injuries

  • Tendonitis

  • Sports injuries

  • Headaches/Migraines

  • TMJ dysfunction


Jess lives in Ipswich with her two teenage boys and partner. In her free time, you can find her singing, camping, hiking, and kayaking with her family.


Jodie is our resident world traveler. Born in London, England and raised in Portugal, fluent in both English and Portuguese. She studied tourism and hotel management in the Algarve. Jodie’s passion for travel and the ocean led her working in customer services in Portugal, India and Thailand. She was surprised to find America’s “traditional” approach to medicine was so different from the more holistic ones she had known in the rest of the world.


Jodie set about becoming an advocate for alternative treatments pursuing an education in alternative therapies and herbalism. Jodie lives in Ipswich, Ma.


When not in her garden among the flowers, herbs and mushrooms you can find her at the beach or a plane.


Why CBD? Jodie uses CBD to treat her chronic bursitis to avoid interaction problems that she believes can be associated with pharmaceutical solutions. An early advocate she’s been at Cape Ann Botanicals since it opened. 


Cary attended Emerson College in Boston, settled on the North Shore with his wife, and has been an Ipswich resident for over thirty years. He is by trade a producer/director/cinematographer, active in film/video production for over 30 years, and working with the Who’s Who of national and international broadcasting and media. Cary’s experience ranges from TV commercials to major news, entertainment, and sports programs, from PBS to small businesses and nonprofits.  


Cary is a certified International Ski Instructor, Scuba Dive Master, a licensed Soccer Coach and has been active in local amateur sports for both adults and children. He started a number of local amateur men’s soccer teams. He has done volunteer work for the YMCA, Ipswich Lions Club, and Montserrat College of Art.


Why CBD? His particular interest is Lyme Disease and how CBD can best be used to help mitigate Lyme's often crippling symptoms.


Sam, a native New Yorker has lived in the Boston area since 2005. She left Boston for a year to study cooking, wine, and fine art in Florence, Italy. She graduated from Lesley University with a BFA in Fine Arts and Photography. After landing at Apple Inc., working as a trainer, mentor, and community educator she eventually had enough with computers and found herbalism. She loved how it combined her passions of food, health, and helping people. Through an apprenticeship, she was able to finish her clinical rotation as a Clinical Herbalist in three years. 


In addition to her expertise in plant-based medicinal applications for anxiety and migraines, as a sufferer of Celiacs, she has a thorough knowledge of CBD and its benefits for managing Gluten and GI issues. 


Sam runs a women’s support group in Gloucester and also volunteers as a Community Educator running classes and workshops in health and wellness including at Cape Ann Botanicals. If she’s not outside hiking, adventuring, or foraging for wild herbs and mushrooms you will find her cooking or on the dance floor enjoying live music. 


Why CBD? Sam was prescribed multiple medications for anxiety, migraines, and PCOS. Over time she has weaned herself off of all prescription medications using a combination of THC, CBD, dietary changes, and herbal/food-based medicine.

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