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Why Do We Call Our CEO Visionary?


Spencer Kalker

Founder & CEO

He just keeps proving it by being the first. He started his career by building CWD, a multi-million dollar furniture business in Consumer Electronics. Spencer recognized a problem and then built the solution. By creating furniture that hid the ugly parts of home entertainment without impeding function. He answered the call of consumers who hated the sea of cords and ugly black components sitting on tables and spoiling the aesthetics in their living rooms. CWD made furniture that beautifully hid the engines of home entertainment and he used the best woods, lighting, and designers to get it right. To guarantee the work was done to his satisfaction he built a 80,000 sq. foot plant and warehouse. 

Spencer’s primary focus was working with specialty retailers, the local stores that focused on excellence and customer service in ways big box stores couldn’t. He spent a lot of time interacting with the biggest of the big including: Sony, Denon, Bowers & Wilkins, Monster Cable, and Samsung. But he really sought out the higher-end manufacture’s whose products were sold mostly in local retail stores around the world. The best of the best: Mark Levinson, Integra, Lutron, Control 4 and McIntosh to name a few. These industrialists also reflected his same values of building real partnerships that focused on problem solving and supporting the little guy. 

Streamlining aesthetics and function is a theme with Spencer. He’s toured the country as a keynote speaker at a variety of different industry conferences. His theme about getting the basics right: empower your talented staff, invest in a strong product mix, always find new ways to enhance the customer experience, and wrap it up in a smart design that supports the goal. 

Which is why his new business, Cape Ann Botanicals, is so successful. After a career working with specialist he decided to get on the other side of the counter and became one. 

But why Cannabis and CBD?

Long before Cannabis was an “it” thing to the world it was an emotional journey for him driven by what felt like a lifetime of family loss.  Doing ongoing research with his brother Kurt, a Pediatric Nurse regarding plant based medicine over many years, he spent the last six years focused on learning about the power of this deeply misunderstood and vilified plant.  

What was on his research path? Trade shows, visits to farms, processing facilities, seeking out and talking with every expert he could find from around the globe. But it was mainly listening to people’s stories about how this one amazing plant changed their lives. Not only has it changed his life he hears daily from store customers, as well as neighbors, bank tellers, at the grocery and coffee shops— how well CBD is working for them and others in their lives. 

From every vantage point he looked it was obvious many of his friends and associates were simply misinformed or unaware of the science and studies now available.  Recognizing this information needed a strong platform to get the word out, a way for people in need could be introduced and learn for themselves in a professional environment. A space that was accessible and welcomed the entire family to learn and experience for themselves what might be possible for them.  This realization identified a need in the market and with the right team he believes Cape Ann Botanicals can fill that need. 

His mission is to be the most responsible and supportive purveyor of CBD and Cannabis in the state. How does a visionary go about doing this?  By building a team of individuals who share his belief in the life changing benefits of Cannabis to help people.  

  • He created a store platform that focuses solely on the medicinal properties of CBD, which is why he forgo the cluttered look of traditional botanical stores. Cape Ann Botanicals impresses shoppers because of its streamlined design based on education and ailments. 

  • Building partnerships are foundational to his core philosophy of strength in numbers. And by limiting the number of products so as not to overwhelm customers by selling only the best of the best. The manufacture’s chosen support the companies value of healthy growing practices, environmental safety, transparency, and collaboration for the betterment of consumers.  

  • Taking the well-being of the community seriously he took the unusual step of hiring a registered nurse.  The cannabis certified nurse deals with specific medical questions from customers —and educates employees. 

  • A ceaseless commitment to providing ongoing education both at in-store events as well as at festivals and senior centers. 

Going forward what innovations can you expect? Building of course, the North Shore’s premier Cannabis growing facility and developing exclusive product lines.  

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