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Recovering from Overindulgences

Everyone in life can have moments of consuming “too much”. Between social engagements, take out to make life easier, and holidays, our bodies can get a bit run down. Leading to exhaustion, hangovers, and bloating. In this week’s newsletter we are focusing on helping our internal systems recover quickly and more efficiently so that we can get back on track fast.

Alleviating Hangovers

Hangovers refer to a set of symptoms that are a result of consuming too much alcohol. They’re caused by dehydration, disrupted sleep, gastrointestinal irritation, and inflammation. If you’ve ever had a hangover (or two) you know that they can be debilitating. Whether your body is prone to headaches, fatigue, thirst, aching muscles, stomach pain, irritability, or worse, understanding what is going on in the body and how to move through these symptoms quickly can feel like a life saver.

Its important to note that the easiest way to prevent or manage a hangover is to not drink excessively. There are many approaches on the internet that call themselves a “hangover cure” (drinking coffee, having an alcoholic beverage in the morning, etc) however science has proven no such thing. What we do know is that some of the worst symptoms come from dehydration. Remembering to drink water or water with electrolytes before, during, and after consuming alcohol can make a difference the next day. Some people take over the counter pain medication the night before, and this can put extra stress on one's liver, prolonging the symptoms and putting them at higher risk for liver complications. Dihydromyricetin or DHM is an herbal remedy that has been shown to help soothe the pounding headaches of hangovers and help protect the liver. Meaning it could be a promising option to decrease the severity of hangover symptoms. See below in our “products” section for a time-released patch that can be worn that contains DHM.

Hangovers and CBD

When it comes to CBD and hangovers there is still a ton of research to be done. What we do know is that CBD has multiple benefits when it comes to managing sleep, mood, and inflammation. Which is why some of our customers turn to CBD to help with managing hangover symptoms. Noting that it can help them get better sleep, wake up with less pain, and help with managing their tension and irritability.

Avoiding Food Comas and Belly Bloats

With Easter around the corner and more social engagements popping up this spring, perhaps your calendar is filled with decadently delicious food based gatherings. What can seem like fun at first can lead to exhaustion, bloat, and more inflammation. As we tend to fill our bodies with excess calories, salt, and sugar with these fun social events. Again, when it comes to managing over-indulgence, pre-planning can be your best friend. The best way to prevent overeating is to make healthy commitments to yourself before arriving at the dinner table.

A great tip is to plan on taking home leftovers. Perhaps you even say out loud “the leftovers will be delicious!” when you’re ordering your meal. Now you've fully committed to taking some of the portion home. It’s also recommended to fill your plate with colors. Aim to say yes to fruits and vegetables, this can help you feel full faster so that you are indulging in nutritionally dense options instead of heavy carbs. It’s also important to not skip meals! This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s more likely you will eat more food faster when you eventually do eat (with the exception of a regular, long-term intermittent fasting approach). You will feel better if you keep your regular meal schedule on the day of big eating events.

How Plants and CBG Can Help

Herbal support can also be helpful when we have a special meal planned. Cannabigerol, or CBG, a naturally occurring cannabinoid that can be found in the hemp plant has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, which can be beneficial for our digestive system. As well as acting as an analgesic, helping to relieve pain and tightness that can come from improper digestion. Other plants that have been documented for digestive support are Licorice root, Dandelion root, Ginger, Turmeric, Fennel and Mint. Some people prefer to consume a mix of these herbs in a capsule before or after a meal to help prevent bloat and ease digestion while others like to have a nice herbal tea at the end of a meal.

No matter what your social calendar has ahead of you, planning ahead and having awareness is the best way at managing your recovery from overindulgences. If needed, turning to plant based support can also help to lighten the load of your symptoms. To learn more about how CBG can help in recovery.

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