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Updated: Mar 22

If you’ve tried cannabidiol (CBD) oil for its therapeutic benefits, you may have used broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate. They all come from the same plant, but that doesn’t make these types of CBD extracts the same.

In an effort to relieve this chronic pain and improve their quality of life without having to rely on what are oftentimes highly addictive painkillers, many arthritis patients are seeking alternative treatments.

Whether you are using cannabis or not, these powerful self-care practices will help you feel great and improve balance in mind, body and spirit.

– Dr. Dustin Sulak

If you want to make 2020 the year you complete monumental tasks, instead of writing grandiose goals, turn your attention to your daily habits.

Love Chocolate? Love CBD? Why not mix them and make your own CBD truffles.

This show on Netflix is fascinating to anyone interested in the science behind how our brains work, the episodes on Anxiety and Mindfulness are especially great companions to anyone who struggles with calming their mind.

Legalization has led to lower rates of cannabis use among teens, while middle-aged and elderly adults are adopting extracts for the aches of aging.