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Cape Ann Botanicals (CAB) On The Go

Education is a core priority for us and we take our role as leaders in the field seriously. We bring discussions of the benefits and research into CBD and Cannabis to you and your community.


Council for Aging: Our team has been invited to speak at the Council on Aging groups in Essex, Ipswich, Middleton, Newburyport, and the list keeps growing. Why? Seniors want facts about the science and benefits of CBD for ailments relevant to an aging population. Our presenters are educated on CBD and our Registered Nurse brings an added value of vast specialized medical knowledge and experience. 

Festivals and Wellness Events: Look for our booth at farmers markets and wellness expo’s in the area where we focus on healthy living and the value of CBD and the research backing it up.

Join us as we support other local businesses: We believe in building a strong community and have been asked to discuss the realities of CBD at some of our favorites places: yoga studios, sports clubs, coffee shops and the YMCA.  We provide samples and talk solutions for people of all ages focused on staying active.


Our professional presentations can last up to an hour depending on the group although we won’t leave until the last question has been answered.  Attendance can run from ten to over thirty people who appreciate our attention to detail and respect for the issues they face.

Request A Speaker for Your Group: Presenting the facts, research and history as we discuss the benefits of CBD is the cornerstone of our on the go program. We will work with you ahead of time so our presentation is tailored for your group guaranteeing your audience gets the necessary information to suit their needs.


If you are interested in seeing a sample presentation or want to discuss details email us at

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