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Learn How to Understand What You Buy

Drop in for CBD 101: What to look for in your CBD product. We consider ourselves a resource and not just a retailer, which is why we’re starting CBD 101. We are often asked,  "How do I know who to trust about CBD?” or "I bought this product online. Did I get scammed?” Not only will we have the time to answer your questions about how to identify a quality CBD product—we encourage you to bring your CBD purchases for evaluation!


Drop in Dates and Times: 

At our Newburyport shop:

​Thursday, January 30, 1-2pm

Understand What You Buy

Ask Away

Our Nurse is available every Sunday from 11am-4pm in Ipswich and Thursday in Newburyport from 12-6pm to answer your questions.

And More to Come!

Check back in January when we announce our new education series on the Science of CBD.